Who, or What, is The Anachronist?

As most readers know, an anachronism is an element of a story that does not belong to the period in which the story is set.

Sparrow, whose origin (and birthdate) remain a mystery, is an anachronism; he definitely does not belong in the time periods of any of these stories. Even if he felt at home in any given era, his next story would almost certainly occur in a different setting.

But more than that, Sparrow is THE ANACHRONIST. Simply by being both an influential element of these stories as well as their narrator, he creates (whether intentionally, or by accident) additional elements that are inappropriate to the time and place.


The Anachronist warps the very environment around him, in subtle ways, just enough to make his audience question the setting of the story.

Have you spotted any of the anachronisms in these books? Read them with a careful eye, lest Sparrow deceive you...