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What Reviewers have to say:

"Episodic Sleep Disorders was quick, intriguing, dark mystery with vivid description and eerie setting. I recommend this book to fans of short stories." -Books Teacup and Reviews

"Short but vivid and some parts were really trippy... if you like the movie director Tim Burton you might like this book." -My Bookish Life

"An ominous shadow lingers in the background of every page." -Lisa's Writopia

Excerpt from Episodic Sleep Disorders:


A coffin lay there, directly in front of me, down a long, carpeted aisle.  The lid of the coffin was partitioned in two, and half of it - I assumed the upper torso half - was open.  The raised lid had a square glass window set in the center, the purpose of which mystified me. A line of people, also holding candles, was proceeding past the coffin to pay their respects, still in that horrible utter silence.  More than anything, I wanted to grab someone, ask them what was going on, and demand some answers about this horrid ceremony, but I could not bring myself to make any noise that would disturb the solemnity of the situation.

For lack of a better idea, and possessed by my own macabre curiosity, I grabbed a nearby candle and took my place at the end of the line of mourners.  As I proceeded closer to the front of the church, I stole furtive glances at the people seated in the pews. I would have expected to see more than a few tearful eyes, or even heard a wayward sob, but these faces were completely dry, each one expressing a mixture of sorrow and horror.


I reached the open casket.  Upon looking inside, I could not help myself - I gasped audibly in shock and fright.


A young lady lay within the coffin, with her arms tightly bound to her body with rope, completely immobilized.


Her eyes were wide open.