Almighty Allmachtig, by P.G.R. Wright—WWII Fiction With Compelling Characters

Whenever I end up with an extra Audible credit that I wasn’t counting on, I always like to spend it on an indie author. This last month, I discovered author P.G.R. Wright and his World War II historical fiction audiobook.

I don’t often read historical fiction, although I usually enjoy it when I do. I also have no particular interest in WWII fiction, so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Almighty: Allmachtig.

So what was the result? Read on to find out!

Story Summary (No Spoilers)

A girl named Fabienne in pre-WWII Germany runs away from her father’s home to become a caretaker in an orphanage for handicapped children. As the Nazi Party rises to power, she begins to realize that the children are at risk of eugenic genocide.

At the same time, she deals with the amorous attention of a young suitor and struggles to cope with her relationship with her estranged father.


This book takes place during two periods in pre-WWII Germany. I found the setting well-researched and accurate, to the best of my knowledge. The author draws on several details, such as food, names, clothing, and dialects to create a truly immersive environment.


The plot is very character-driven, with compelling characters acting according to their inter-relational characteristics. This is really the kind of plot that I think most readers enjoy. I know I did.


Here, the author defies convention, by making the middle portion of the book into an extended flashback.

This serves the story in several ways, by introducing us to the important characters first and then explaining some critical background by travelling back in time to their parents’ life before the main character was born.

It actually reminded me of Star Wars’ Machete Order, which I’m a great fan of.

Conclusion: 5/5 Stars

Is the Almighty: Allmachtig perfect? Of course not. I rolled my eyes when one of the characters verbally described schnitzel, as if the other German characters didn’t know exactly what this meant.

But if that’s the worst thing about this book… let me tell you, it’s about as near a masterpiece as you can expect from the indie author community. It will surely appeal to anyone who liked The Sound Of Music, Diary Of Anne Frank, or Schindler’s List.

Do you like historical fiction? Drop a comment below with your recommendations! And don’t forget, Sparrow has travelled to various points in history as well. If you haven’t read Episodic Sleep Disorders or Blowing Smoke, we highly recommend that you check them out—and stay tuned to this website for news about his upcoming historic murder mystery, Three Story Mansion!

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