Carnival Row—Streaming Steampunk & Faerie Fantasy

It's no secret—Here at TheShortStoryTeller, we love good fantasy. And Carnival Row is definitely good fantasy.

But it’s not your everyday fantasy. Carnival Row is an exciting sub-genre called steampunk and it’s about time that we saw it on screen.

So is this something you might enjoy? Check out our review, and if you think so, go sign up for a free month of Amazon Prime to go watch it!

Short Synopsis

In a post-war nation-state called ‘The Burgh,’ various fae creatures such as fauns, kobolds, and winged fairies struggle to integrate into a human society that largely despises and oppresses them.

A police detective struggles to find his own identity while investigating a series of murders, a wealthy faun tries to fit into upper class society, lower-class fauns begin a religious revolution, and politicians war amongst each other over fae policies.

These are just some of the plots being woven together in this fantastic series.

The Acting

Despite loving fantasy such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, I’ve never considered Orlando Bloom a great actor.

But that changed when I watched Carnival Row. He has really stepped up his game, playing a more serious and thoughtful role as the leading character, a detective and veteran of the war.

Although I didn’t recognize the rest of the cast, I still appreciated their performances and I’m looking forward to seeing more from them.

The Setting

The steampunk setting for this series is simply fantastic.

Fae creatures, divination magics, and dark necromancy blend seamlessly with guns, airships, and telegraphs in a city that looks just as I imagine Victorian London.


Each race has a unique culture and religion, even the humans. The magic is mysterious. The technology is familiar and fashionable.

The Various Plots

The criminal investigation conducted by the gritty detective is the most exciting.

The social issues addressed by the prejudice shown against the wealthy faun, and even all of the other non-human characters, are the most pertinent and discussion-worthy.

The various romances are well-developed, sometimes rushed, never contrived.

The politics are kinda unrealistic and confusing. The writers could have put a little more effort into that.

The Recommendation: We Only Recommend The Best

If you’re familiar with steampunk, you will absolutely love this series. And if you aren’t, Carnival Row is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the genre.

I, for one, cannot wait for the Carnival Row season two to come out!

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