Dragon Of The Quantum Void, by Eddie Patin—A Thrilling Hunt

Updated: May 31

More than any of the other indie fiction that I have in my TBR pile, I really wanted to finish Eddie Patin’s final book in his Monster Hunting for Fun & Profit series.

But as I started, I realized that this book would be similar enough to the other books in the series that I could perhaps give it a fair review after the 10% mark.

Dragon of the Quantum Void shows Patin’s strengths and weaknesses in the first ten percent. If you’ve liked the first five books in this series, I’m sure you’ll love this conclusion.

Read on to find out the good and the bad. In the interest of expediency, this review is based upon the first 10% of the book only. This does not necessarily reflect poorly on the book.

Monster Hunting For Fun And Profit

If you haven’t started this series by Eddie Patin yet, you should read them in order. The book titles, in order, are:

  1. The Wyvern In The Wilderlands

  2. The Minotaurs Of Maze World

  3. The Heart Of A Necromancer

  4. The Giants Of Shattered Swamp

  5. The Manticores Of Pristalline Paradise

I have read each of those, and personally, I enjoyed #2 and #4 the best. There are also some short stories in this series available on Amazon that I have not yet read.

What I Liked

Patin is always great at writing action and chase scenes. This is why I enjoyed the first five books so much.

I’ve learned a lot about writing action scenes, especially high-tech firefights, by reading these books. In the first 10% of this book, the readers are exposed to a wild chase, interrupted by some scattered combat.

All of this combat and excitement is vivid and descriptive. The stakes are real. It’s nearly impossible to put down the book during this chase.

What Made Me Stop

Since this is the sixth book in the series, all of the characters are jumping into the action with significant background, emotional motivation, inter-character relationships.

By trying to keep the action fast-paced, the author sacrifices much of the necessary exposition. He throws in single-sentence descriptions of a character’s emotional state, sometimes by using an expression of frustration, but it’s never enough to really explain why the character is in that state.

“We’ve got to kill that bitch!”

I think this line was repeated on almost every page. Eventually it was explained that this enemy killed one of their friends in the previous book, but unless you have read that book recently, the emotional impact is faded and forgotten.

What Made Me Want To Continue

The author hints at two separate deadly enemies, which raises the stakes for the main characters. I was really looking forward to seeing how they would vanquish not only this monster whom they are chasing, but also the mysterious gray team who is chasing them.

Unfortunately, the first 10% of the book was dedicated to a wild goose chase. The reader can spot the futility immediately, but the main characters take several chapters to reach the same conclusion.

Final Recommendation: 4 out of 5 Stars

I have a lot of confidence in Patin’s writing, and I have always been gripped by the tension and excitement that he writes. I put the book down only because I have so many other reading commitments.

If you enjoy fast-paced sci-fi action and exploring strange new inter-dimensional worlds, you really can’t go wrong with these books. Patin introduces fantastic new monsters in each book, and creatively finds ways to overcome them. Each book in his Monster Hunting series is well-written, and Dragon Of The Quantum Void is the ultimate conclusion.

Of course, you can also visit a strange new world with Sparrow by picking up his latest novel, Stranger Back Home! You’ll meet wizards, vampires, and maybe even a few dragons! And the fantasy action and magical mystery will surely captivate you.

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