Episodic Sleep Disorders on Audible!

When I first started writing Episodic Sleep Disorders, I envisioned this story being told orally. Every word that I typed was chosen to be heard, rather than read.

It's with great pleasure that I announce to my loyal fans that this audio book has been professionally produced and is now available on Audible.

I'd like to thank my hardworking and supportive friend, Forrest Alvarez, and his studio, Bespoke Audio. Without their help, this would never have been accomplished.

Audible offers its content producers a bounty for getting customers to subscribe to their audio book service. Somehow (and don't ask me how), this bounty is greater than the cost of subscription. If you click on the links in this post to make your first purchase with Audible, and keep your account active for 61 days, you will spend $30 for two months' membership but I will earn $75 for referring you! And during those 61 days, you will also get free credits to purchase and listen to other audio books from their vast collection.

If you live in the U.S., click the link or the picture above to visit Audible and start listening to Episodic Sleep Disorders today!

If you are one of my valued overseas fans, click one of the links below to get the book!

Audible UK

Audible FR

Audible DE

Happy listening, everyone!

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