God Of Gnomes, by Demi Harper—Memoirs of a ROCK

I wanted to understand what LitRPG was. So God Of Gnomes was recommended to me.

There must be a better example of the LitRPG genre. Because reading a rock tell his autobiography in first person is one of the worst concepts for a story that I’ve ever encountered.

The execution wasn’t bad. The author, Demi Harper, has some skill with words. It’s just a bad idea. A boring story.

I’ll explain why.

The God Core Series

God of Gnomes is the first book in Harper’s God Core series, and the second book (Exodus of Gnomes) was recently released. Apparently the author is a fan of gnomes. I wonder if she has heard of Sparrow?

What I Liked

Harper has a way with words, and with vocabulary, and with sentence structure. I realize that this sounds like a nerdy compliment, but her grammar and punctuation were on point.

Her dialogue was written well, also—it was just a little… excessive. Her characters start to babble. Much of the dialogue doesn’t forward the plot, or even the conversation. But it’s still well-written.

Harper is good with imagery, also. Both visual and auditory imagery are strong. There aren’t so many ways that you can describe a rock living in a cave, but Harper finds them.

What Made Me Stop

This is a story about a rock. Living in a cave.


Sure, the rock makes a pixie friend. But that introduction takes up three or four pages of meaningless dialogue.

Pretty quickly I realized that this book might be little more than slow-paced exposition about talking rocks.

And so I dropped it like it’s hot.

What Made Me Want To Continue

It’s a book about gnomes. Obviously, we appreciate gnomes here at the ShortStoryTeller. The website is literally named after a clever gnome. Our latest book is explicitly about a clever gnome; all of the previous books were also about a gnome, even if this wasn’t explicit.


I wanted to read another author’s take on gnomes. I didn’t want to read a book about a talking rock.

Final Recommendation: 2 out of 5 Stars

I didn’t even get to the 10% mark in this book. I was utterly bored by the 5% mark.

You might have more tolerance for slow exposition. You might be fascinated by talking rocks. If so, check out God of Gnomes.

But if you want to read about more interesting gnomes, I have to recommend Stranger Back Home! This book has more than just gnomes—you’ll meet wizards, vampires, and maybe even a few dragons! And the fantasy action and magical mystery will surely captivate you.

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