I Am Your Ghost, by Alyssa Love - A PTSD Carol

Hey Sparrow fans! We're wrapping up #ReadIndieInDecember with a review of an independently recorded audiobook!

I Am Your Ghost is a haunting story told from the perspective of a trauma survivor. The themes and motifs of the book are built upon the author's own experience with post-trauma coping mechanisms.

The narrator contributes a tortured yet feminine voice to the main character as she experiences lucid nightmares, full of gory imagery and symbolism.

The author creates a vivid dreamscape as the main character encounters three demons of her traumatic experience, led by her spirit guide.

As you can perhaps tell, this story was reminiscent (for me, at least) of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. However, the main character's journey was quite different: darker, gorier, and with a much less festive destination.

I don't want to spoil the ending with any details, but the combination of the story and narration definitely held my attention until the dynamic resolution.

Important Caveat: Book Contains Present Tense Narration

Here at theshortstoryteller.com, we pretty much have one immutable rule: the storyteller exists in the present, the story belongs in the past.

Due to that policy, I cannot actually recommend I Am Your Ghost. The book may have certain qualities, but the change in tense halfway through the book was inexplicable and unjustifiable. If you are the kind of reader who doesn't pay attention to narrative consistency, feel free to click on any of these links to get the audiobook.

Unfortunately, the reviewers on this website have standards to maintain. This review was written as a professional courtesy to another indie author and promised before we knew about the present tense narration.

Fortunately, the audiobook was relatively short and we powered through it. We will be listening to samples before agreeing to future audiobook reviews.

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