My first self-published book!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

What started as a simple backstory for a character in a role-playing campaign gradually turned into three short stories that became my first Amazon novella.

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for most of my life, it seems. I don't usually acknowledge this, when I'm marketing my book, because it's an oft-misunderstood game.

Most people hear "Dungeons & Dragons" and immediately imagine stereotypical geeks in the basement, throwing dice. Even though the game has recently gotten some mainstream publicity through exposure on the popular Netflix series "Stranger Things," and even some shows that are based on televised role-playing adventures like "Critical Role" and "HarmonQuest," the majority of the public still remains unaware of the nature of the game. Which is a shame, really.

Role-playing games are really an opportunity for collective storytelling. Typically, one person creates the background and the plot, while the other players create the characters who try to resolve the plot through a series of challenges. A huge system of rules helps make the challenges fun and exciting, giving each player an opportunity to contribute uniquely to the story.

I'm aware of other book series that got started through role-playing campaigns, such as "Dragonlance" and "Forgotten Realms." While I admire these book series, I never wanted to limit my audience to readers who understood or appreciated Dungeons & Dragons. Hopefully, this book won't discourage any readers who are unfamiliar with the game - yet, readers who have played D&D before may notice small details that they understand better than the mainstream audience. My protagonist, Sparrow, is a storyteller and a swindler. With a sharp wit and a sense of humor, he both gets into trouble and out of it with his carefully constructed stories.

I hope you will enjoy this book, and come to love Sparrow as much as I do.

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