Pre-Order the Most Exciting Sparrow Novel Yet - Carried Away!

Hey faithful readers! I have some long-anticipated news - Carried Away is going live on Amazon on December 2nd! You can pre-order it now for a debut discount of $2.99 - so click on the pic, or on any of these links, and get it while it's under-priced!

Carried Away” is Sparrow’s new adventure in a quarantined Italy. A new and deadly zoonotic disease is causing hormonal imbalances, strange and extreme violent behavior, and a cascading failure of the immune system that inevitably leads to sudden death. Along with a handful of trapped tourists, Sparrow gets caught up in the race for the cure between two world-renowned doctors with wildly incompatible motives. Infectious and mentally-unbalanced human patients (and their contagious cats) threaten him on one front, while a media-misinformed and frightened public oppose him from the other side. Will they develop the cure before chaos engulfs the country?

Help me spread the word about this pre-release sale - Sparrow is counting on you all to help share his stories with the world!

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