Sneaky Pete—Brilliant Cons And Scams

Okay everyone—we have a really exciting one for you today!

Here at the ShortStoryTeller, we are always on the lookout for clever con artists. Our favorite little con artist is never afraid of a little competition, and is always open to a little inspiration.

So when we read the premise for Sneaky Pete, we knew this was the show for us.

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Short Synopsis

After getting released from prison, a con man steals his cellmate’s identity to hide among his family from the mob boss who still wants revenge. ‘Pete’ joins the family’s bail bond business, helping them recover from their financial problems while simultaneously trying to rescue his brother from the criminal underworld.

The Acting

I always thought Giovanni Ribisi was kinda a second-rate actor, but he really steps it up in Sneaky Pete. I bought his terror, his nervousness, and his entire range of emotional transformation with his adopted family.

Bryan Cranston, of course, plays an intelligent, calculating gangster. It’s the kind of part that he was really born into after Breaking Bad.


I also liked some new actors/actresses who I had never seen before. In particular, Libe Barer and Shane McRae make excellent small-town folk, yearning for some new excitement.

The Cons (The Scams, Not The Negative Qualities)

Without spoiling the ending, I can say that each episode is full of clever lies and cons. The first season was rather informative, teaching us the names and techniques involved in running both long and short cons on unsuspecting enemies.

None of them felt contrived, either, which is a remarkable accomplishment. Between the acting and the directing, these scams were brilliantly executed and totally believable.

The Recommendation: We Only Recommend The Best

It’s not easy to find a con artist who we can admire and respect. Sneaky Pete was a surprising success.

We binge-watched the first season in about four days. The excitement and tension was dialled up to 11 the entire time. If you like con games, check out this series—Ribisi and Cranston won’t disappoint.

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