Sparrow's New Interactive Fiction Project!

We've got some exciting news for you!

Sparrow has decided to write some books for children, and he has always believed in the immersive storytelling of interactive fiction.

We've started a series of commissioned stories that involve the young readers and let them make choices to direct the story to an ending that suits them best.

The first book, Mrs. Machinehead, is in final editing and should be published soon. Look for it on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback editions. The eBook version is complete with internal links, so you don't have to manually flip pages.

If you've been enjoying Sparrow's adventures, now is a great time to introduce your children, nieces and nephews, or students to his new kids' stories!

If you have any children in your life and would like to immortalize them as a book character, please reach out to me at to discuss the possibility of commissioning one of these books for them. Using their interests, photos from their school, and other personal information that you provide to me, I would love to dedicate a book to them that children everywhere can enjoy and relate to. It would make a great birthday gift that your kid will surely appreciate for a long time.

Happy reading, everyone!

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