SPFBO Update (Good News)

I have some exciting news for all of my Sparrow fans--'Stranger Back Home' was chosen as a 2nd Round Pick by BeforeWeGo Blog, one of the judges for the 7th Annual Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO7)!

SPFBO is a very prestigious annual competition among 300 indie fantasy authors. These 300 books are divided among ten book review blogs, and each blog puts forth JUST ONE contender for the final round.


If you are a fantasy reader and you aren't yet following this year's SPFBO competition, you can check out all of the rules, contenders, and updates from Mark Lawrence's Blog here.

Now, I need to clarify: Stranger Back Home is not yet in the final round. BeforeWeGo has multiple judges reviewing their pile of books, and SBH has merely made it past the initial round of cuts. As I understand it, my book is now one of nine specially-selected books that these judges will compare to choose their semi-finalist.

Go check out G.M. Nair's excellent review of SBH, stay tuned to the SPFBO7 page for more news and updates, and please comment below and wish me (and Sparrow) luck in this contest!

And if you want to see what all of the excitement is about, go get a copy of 'Stranger Back Home' to read for yourself!



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