Sticky Fingers From Jam—When You Need To Laugh At Small Disasters

Well, we have a different kind of book review for you today!

We recently connected this site to TheIndieView book review network. We know how valuable book reviews can be, and we wanted to give as much as we took from the indie author community.

But we were surprised when the first request to arrive in our mailbox was for a children’s poem!

Hey, I’m game. Don’t let anyone tell you that I’m too old to read a kid’s book!

It’s tough to write a full review for a book that contains less than a thousand words. But here goes nothing!

A Timeless, Endearing Tale of Domestic Disaster

I don’t have kids, myself. I’m strictly a doggy momma. But I can still relate to this story on some level. I’m sure mothers of human babies will find it even more hilarious.

On a literary level, I can appreciate the author’s simplified rhyme scheme. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss, but without the nonsense words or alien subjects. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to recite aloud.

Needs Illustrations

A book like this is nearly perfect for reading to small children. Unfortunately, I imagine that their young minds need visual aids to fully engage their attention.

The Kindle version of this book that I picked up was just a few lines of text on each otherwise empty page. I don’t know if the paperback edition has more pictures, but I think that would greatly improve the reading experience for young children.

The Recommendation

Bottom line: this is a fun book for toddlers. On Amazon, it is marketed to ages 9-18, which is a wholly inappropriate suggestion. Unless those teenagers are parents of toddlers themselves, which is also a wholly inappropriate suggestion. Whoopsie.

With illustrations, it would be worth the paperback price. Without illustrations, it’s a good Kindle Unlimited read. Parents with the ability (or necessity) to laugh at themselves over minor messes in life will appreciate the story and enjoy reading it aloud to their kids.

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