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Take me out, to the black, tell them that I'm reading a new book.

Salvation Day is a thrilling new science fiction novel from Kali Wallace, which will be certain to engross fans of the Aliens franchise or even diehard Firefly fans.

It sometimes feels like Wallace is trying to put too much into the plot, and this book is packed with: a terrorist/liberation group trying to hijack a spaceship, a deadly biological weapon of unknown origin, government cover-ups, and pioneering space exploration. The author still manages to make the plot move at a rapid and captivating pace, however.

The author has a background in geophysics, which lends her science-fiction some additional credibility. I love having to research some of the terms that she casually uses; it's a fun way for me to expand my own science knowledge base. Just a few plot elements seem implausible (such as a bloodborne disease that infects an entire population in less than 24 hours), but they can be overlooked for the general enjoyment of the book.

As far as Wallace's writing style goes, I generally enjoy her narration, creativity, and plot development. For some reason, though, she decided to write this story using a pair of first-person perspectives that switched for each chapter. It's not as bad as present tense narration, but her two protagonists had such similar voices that I found myself forgetting which character I was reading at times, and felt that a more standard third-person perspective would have made the book much easier to read.

Despite this criticism, I definitely enjoyed the book and would recommend it. I might personally avoid future books that switch between first-person narrators, but this book is an excellent exception to my objections.