The Fantastic New Project - Stranger Back Home

Let no one claim that I ignore the requests of my audience. I love my fans.

The most frequent feedback that I get from my stories is that readers want to know more about my (intentionally mysterious) background, and they want to see more character development.

I have to explain to them that my background is not of this world. Furthermore, my transitory nature from place-to-place, time-to-time, and genre-to-genre, make it difficult to show any consistent development.

Well, I have a solution that will hopefully appease my dedicated fans. I'm going home.

That's right--I actually have an origin story! And I'm willing to let go of some of my mysterious facade to reveal a few more clues for you.

Additionally, this project has the potential to be my longest book yet. Maybe even a small series of books. I'm sure that these upcoming adventures will give me the chance to grow (figuratively, not literally; I will always be small).

Get ready to meet my partners-in-crime: the characters who helped make me the incorrigible storyteller that I am today.

Get ready to have your questions answered. Get ready to have your answers questioned. It's going to be a wild ride.

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