The Tick—What’s A Malaphor, Anyway?

Who is your favorite superhero?

With all of the Marvel movies and series out there right now, I’d be surprised if 90% of our audience hasn’t asked themselves that question at least once in the past several years.

But I have a surprising answer: my favorite superhero was never a Marvel character.

Nor was he a DC character.

Ever since I was a child watching Saturday morning cartoons, my favorite superhero was a different kind of inspiration. One who was perhaps meant to be a parody of superheroes in general, but his child-like ethical worldview and bizarre humor won my heart now and forevermore.

There’s really only one word that we need to introduce him: SPOOOOOOOON!

Short Synopsis

The Tick is now in his third series iteration, after a hilarious cartoon series, and then an unfortunately short-lived live-action series starring Patrick Warburton (from Seinfeld fame).


The Tick is a mysterious costumed crusader (never shown without his blue suit) who defends an anonymously-named ‘The City.’ He is nigh invulnerable, has an undivertable moral compass, and speaks in unfathomable metaphors.

He has a short, neurotic sidekick named Arthur, who wears a moth costume, and he fights the most ridiculous villains you can imagine.

Why Do I Love It?

Because the Tick inspires us with hilarious, unstoppable metaphors. I love his lines. In fact, The Tick introduced me to the term malaphor, which is a comically mixed-up idiom, aphorism, or cliche.


And because he views the world through a child’s eyes, and he sees right and wrong in simple terms, and will never stop fighting for what’s right. Everything he does, he does with a sense of wonder, that the world around him would be so magical to even allow him to live in it.

Why The Tick Is A Hero For The Ages

When I told our resident author that I was binge-watching The Tick, E.L. Haines responded with one of the more stunning revelations that I’ve ever heard.

You know that The Tick is a modern-day retelling of Don Quixote, right?

Mind. Blown.

But it makes so much sense! The Tick is a hero out-of-place in his society, one who believes in archaic values and incorrigibly fights for them, despite the mockery and disdain of society.

His sidekick, Arthur, is the reluctant Sancho Panza, always trying to hold him back, but always won over simply by the indomitable strength of the hero’s heart.


I gotta thank Mr. Haines for adding this exciting new layer of appreciation to one of my favorite childhood cartoons and now this hilarious Amazon adaptation.

The Recommendation: We Only Recommend The Best

I’m going to leave you with a quote from my hero that I hope will inspire you to immediately go start watching The Tick:

What if you’re awesome, too? But you don’t know it, because you’re looking at a burning flame on the horizon, and you want to run up and stomp it out, like a rhino on the veldt? Don’t be a rhino, be a happy camper. Grab your chocolate, and marshmallows, and bask in the glow!

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired. And laughing. And if you want to bask in the glow with us, here are three simple steps:

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