The Truth Seekers—Seeking The Truth… On Social Media?

Why do all the great series get cancelled after one season?

I’m sure you can name just as many as I can. But the latest disappointment in TV production politics is a British paranormal comedy called The Truth Seekers.

I’ve enjoyed just about everything from that iconic UK duo, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Usually Pegg gets first billing, but I’ve noticed lately that Frost has developed his own niche following.

I also grew up with The X-Files, so I’ve always had a love for the paranormal. The combination of ghost investigations and blue-collar British humor was definitely a winner.

If that sounds like your kind of show, check out my review below!

Short Synopsis

An ISP network engineer investigates paranormal activity while repairing the internet for his clients at their homes. During his investigation, he meets other crazy characters with colorful backgrounds and uncovers a necromancer’s evil plan.

The Acting

If you love Nick Frost, you won’t be disappointed in this series. And he isn’t even the best character.

Emma D’arcy and Samson Kayo both contribute stellar performances as well. And let’s not forget Malcolm McDowell as the senile father-in-law!

The Writing & Direction

The plot is substantially creepy and mysterious, and the humor is unexpected yet spot-on. The unique background of each character gives the episodes additional depth, so that the story doesn’t turn into a linear, one-dimensional investigation.

The Recommendation: We Only Recommend The Best

A comedy version of the X-Files? Must we really say more?


It’s a short season with short episodes, so unfortunately we can’t give it more than a short review without spoiling some part of it. But bottom line: we heartily recommend The Truth Seekers both for the laughs and for the paranormal mystery.

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