Bewildered - good. Like you're lost in a forest.

Befuddled - good. Like someone spiked your eggnog.

Bemused - bad. This word should mean the same as 'amused'

Perplexed - good.

Puzzled - simple. Everyone loves puzzles.

Baffled - It's like being beaten senseless by a wiffle bat

Nonplussed - bad. It seems like it should mean the opposite.

Disorientated - why not just disoriented?

Mystified - great

Flummoxed - great if your character develops a stutter

Bamboozled - sounds like you're the victim of a con artist

Discombobulated - six syllables is excessive. See 'Disorientated'

Wildered - for some reason it means the same as 'bewildered'

Confounded - sounds like a Hogwarts curse

Disconcerted - you have IBS and the restrooms are labelled in a foreign language.

Astonished/Astounded - confused + amazed. Two adjectives in one word!

Stupefied - stupidly confused

Stumped - low stakes. Confused during trivia night

Muddled - okay. Bonus usage: this is how you infuse your cocktails with herbs, like mint.

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