Unbelievable—If you don't have the EMF song stuck in your head right now, you're lying.

Far-Fetched—Like you need to be Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) to accept this.

Improbable—Made popular by that Captain Jack Sparrow meme.

Implausible—Like improbable, but significantly more educated.

Unlikely—Used to be a great word, until Facebook redefined 'unlike.'

Incredible—Like the Hulk.

Inconceivable—Like the Sicilian


Unthinkable—Like a war crime.

Unimaginable—Okay, now you're not giving me enough credit.

Unconvincing—Are you calling me a liar?

Mind-Blowing—I think non-lethal explosions contained within the cranium are unlikely.

Preposterous—You ARE calling me a liar.

Outlandish—It's like a lie dressed up in a Scottish Kilt.

Cockamamie—Unbelievable with a hint of crazy.

Questionable—I don't think you're an idiot, but your actions aren't helping you.

Doubtful—I am full of doubt.

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