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Episodic Sleep Disorders

Beware, beware, the beast of Lozère!
Who lurks in your dreams, and knows how to scare
You will freeze at the sight of strange dancing at night
And the dead, in their coffins, still stare.


A menacing wolf is terrorizing the village of Lozère. A beautiful young girl has lost her family and her best friend to this nightmare when Sparrow shows up with his characteristic curiosity. But all is not as it seems in this cold mountain village, where the beasts are like men and the men are like beasts.


Sparrow came to Lozère to tell stories, but he stayed for the stories Lozère told him...

Mrs. MachineHead


You love everything about them. And now you have built one of your very own, as a science fair project.

Unfortunately, a school bully named Francis is determined to sabotage all of the science fair projects

Fortunately, you have a new ally and clever friend, named Sparrow, who loves science as much as you do.

Will you use your robot to get revenge on the bully? Or will you help one of the other students win?

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Stranger Back Home

One day, your father is a renowned diplomat. The next day, he's an infamous terrorist.

When Sparrow is summoned to the reading of his father's last will and testament, the most he hoped for was a minor bequest. Instead, he inherited suspicion and accusations from the Empire that his father helped unite.

Locked away in a vault are the secrets that will reveal Xavier DuMont's mysterious past and shine a light on Sparrow's future. Perhaps even the future of the entire realm.

Of course, these secrets won't be obtained easily. Especially when everyone in this magical world seems so casually racist.

Social dynamics in this world were already pretty strange. Somehow, Sparrow makes everything stranger.

Blowing Smoke

It seems that no matter what game Sparrow plays, the cards are stacked against him.

Soon after he steps off a Mississippi steamer, Sparrow makes three regrettable transactions, and finds himself on the run from bankers, bounty hunters, and other bad guys.

But when he finds that the posse chasing him is also harassing an innocent young lady and her family, he decides that it's time to make his stand.

Drink, swear, steal and lie - those are the new rules of the game.

Carried Away

In the midst of a deadly global disease, sometimes it's hard to say which is worse: the pandemic, or the pandemonium.

Sparrow is visiting Italy, just trying to enjoy a decent pizza, when the locals start dropping dead from a mysterious disorder. Soon, he's caught up in rampant rumors, a panicking population, and a competition to find the cure.

All the while, he's fighting off ferocious felines and defending himself from hospital patients who are definitely not zombies. Zombies aren't real.

But cats are real. And you'll never look at Whiskers the same way again.

You can't spell catastrophe without C-A-T.

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