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You know, I love my readers so much that I decided it was time to make some books about them.

These books are about you.


I like to think that we would have been friends if we had gone to school together. So I made a story about us.

But you have to help me tell this story!


You make the decisions.

You select the ending.


And most of all, I hope you enjoy it!


So as you are reading this story, don’t just flip to the next page. If I give you a choice, follow the link to get to the next part in the book.


Now let’s get started!

mrs machine kindle.jpg


You love everything about them. And now you have built one of your very own, as a science fair project.

Unfortunately, a school bully named Francis is determined to sabotage all of the science fair projects

Fortunately, you have a new ally and clever friend, named Sparrow, who loves science as much as you do.

Will you use your robot to get revenge on the bully? Or will you help one of the other students win?

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