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The very first of Sparrow's Anachronist books!

Excerpt from Storytelling With Confidence:

“Who does this guy think he is?” I asked.

“I think his name is Dirk Silversteel,” Madigan answered me, not taking his eyes from the stage.


I snorted. “Really?” I mocked.


Madigan glanced at me briefly. “I think it’s a pretty badass name. Sounds like a dashing, debonair hero.”


“It’s a stupid name.” I answered.




“Silver and steel are two different things.”




“Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Silver is a basic element.”

Madigan just looked at me quizzically. “Just take my word for it,” I said. “I studied this stuff in home school.”


Madigan dwelt on this for a moment. “Some people probably think that ‘Sparrow’ is a stupid name. After all, you aren’t a bird.”


“Yeah, but it’s okay to have ONE thing as a nickname. How stupid would I sound if I called myself ‘SparrowTurkey’? What about ‘SparrowPenguin’? ‘Sparrowhawk’? Wait, that one sounds awesome - I’m gonna call myself ‘Sparrowhawk’ now. It makes me seem dashing and debonair.”


This time Madigan snorted. “Good luck with that.”